Information Systems Project Management A3
this is the link given who should look at befour you attempt the ppt

1)) ppt
2)) project managemnet file(( project plan ))(( sample given ))
3)) excel file (( cost benify analasys )) (( sample given))

every slide must have 6-7 points in each slide and discripiton of that point in the in text box is ust

1. Logical and reasonable assumptions made for the project scenario
2. Suitability of solutions and strategies regarding ICT assessments
3. Appropriateness of overall costs and resources required to undertake the project(( table formate ))
4. Development of schedule tools with key project aspects such as milestones, slack(( project shedule ))
5. Appropriateness of cost-benefit assessment(( excel))
6. Selection of appropriate plans and strategies as to how the project can be managed
7. Set of recommendations
8. conclusions
9) refercess to put in 1 slide only

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