Industry Analysis on Cannabis Science

Objective:  Give a description of the industry selected for this purpose using Porter’s Five Forces Model. All the information should come from secondary sources, so  sources needs to be cited appropriately (following the APA standard, Times New Roman , 12 point)

Suggested Outline: use the following suggested outline to guide their effort in developing the paper.

1.      NAICS code and description of the industry selected (optional).

2.      Country level information: current size of the industry in terms of revenues, evolution of the industry’s revenues in terms of historical figures (at least 5 years), number of competitors, segments of the industry, quantitative information about those segments.

3.      State level:  same as above but for the most likely state in which the student’s business might be developed.

4.      City level: same as above but for the city in which the student’s business might be developed.

5.      Porter’s Five Forces Model: applied to the city level. Explain as much as possible about each one of the 5 forces. In regards to competitors, after giving general information about the specific competitors in the selected city, give as much information about the main competitors (based on the ones that make 50% of the market share, for example).

6.    Follow the materials given :

6.1.  Porter’s Five Forces Model original paper.

6.2.  Investopedia’s 12 application examples document.

6.3.  Purdue University’s Industry Analysis Assessment document.

7.      Include as much numeric tables and graphs as deem appropriate.

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