Independence is the core of an Effective Anti-Corruption Agency: Comparative Analysis of the 3 Countries (Kingdom of Bahrain, Kuwait and Hong Kong)

Please read the whole ADDITIONAL UPLOAD FILES before starting the work I already did the Thesis Proposal and will upload it in the additional upload files but needs to fix it more required The length of the initial research proposal is 1,500 2,000 words. and more instructions in the uploaded files ** SUPERVISOR COMMENTS ON THE UPLOADED FILE THE INITIAL RESEARCH PROPOSAL: In your theoretical framework, you should look into the why independence of an ACA is important for its effectiveness. Is there any role of peoples trust factor in the institution? How a whistleblower programme (if it exists) will never work if people perceive that an ACA is not independent and will not investigate a case against people who wield political power? Etc.. Mere Jakarta framework will not be enough. Think more and improve. You need to make your literature review more comprehensive beyond some official publication (at least 6-7 authors work). Write your methodology more systematically.

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