In “Dejection: An Ode” and “The Pains of Sleep,” S. T. Coleridge explores the subjects of depression and substance abuse, and the interrelationship of the two, at times. Thomas DeQuincey also writes about the complications that occur from substance abuse.

What problems do the speakers of Coleridge’s poems (probably Coleridge himself) and DeQuincey have as a result of depression and/or substance abuse? Explain how the poems treat these issues?
What symbolism is used, and what images do these writers use to characterize the problems of depression and drug use?
Which passages or stanzas present topics that are still relevant today? Explain their relevancy.
Can you relate either through personal experience or through that of a friend or family member with what either Coleridge or DeQuincey describes?
Submit as a Microsoft Word document formatted according to MLA style. Minimum: 500 words. Quote from and refer to the texts frequently in your journal.

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