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An Annotated Bibliography organizes your research by way of APA citations and a short paragraph about each source. For this Assignment, you will create an Annotated Bibliography for five sources related to your Final Project topic. While you are not required to use these five sources in your Final Project, finding reliable and relevant sources now will not only lessen the work in Unit 9, but it will also allow your instructor to provide insightful feedback on the sources you intend to use. A personal communication, such as the interview you conducted, will not need to be listed on the References page of your Final Project, yet it will be listed in your Annotated Bibliography for this Assignment; per APA citation format, information from a personal communication does require an in-text citation for a directly or paraphrased quote. The KUWC resources noted below have further information on citing interviews appropriately.

The following aspects are required for your Annotated Bibliography Assignment:

Title page in APA manuscript format
Your potential thesis statement for the Final Project
Five sources (one of each type noted below)
Book or ebook (full-text version, not just the abstract or preview)
Periodical (i.e., newspaper, journal, or magazine)
Video or audio clip
Interview (conducted for Unit 4 Discussion Assignment)
Internet-only source
APA citation for each source
Annotation for each source, which must include each of the following in a full-paragraph:
Brief summary of the source (no direct quotes from the source)
Evaluation of the source, including reliability and validity
Discussion about usefulness to your Final Project
All writing must be in Standard American English
Use APA manuscript format throughout the Assignment

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