Problem Pitch Bibliography (70 points)
a.    Consider a problem you would like to tackle for the solutions project. On your own, use prewriting techniques to explore it further. Although you can select whatever topic most interests you, your solution should reflect some consideration of sustainability (meeting the needs of the present generation while taking care of the future).
b.    When you have refined your problem, use the tutorial provided in this lesson to explore the library for sources. Write an annotated bibliography that features:
    a source from the CQ Researcher
    a source from EBSCO Academic Search
    a source from either the National Newspaper Core or Opposing Viewpoints (studied in Lesson 5)
    one additional source from your choice of either EBSCO Academic, CQ Researcher, Opposing Viewpoints, or National Newspaper Core
c.    Following your bibliography, write 2-3 paragraphs that propose the problem and a possible solution you intend to pursue for the solutions project. These paragraphs should cover:
    A short description of the problem you’d like to solve and why it is important to you.
    A quick summary of the resources you found that provide a background to your problem and a description of additional research you might have to do to complete the assignment.
    A short explanation of the solution you’re proposing and why you think it is viable.

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