Imagine that you have been appointed to lead a Consultancy team to design a change programme for the proposed takeover of Asda by Sainsburys.

Your focus should be on recommending changes which will enhance organisational strategic performance. Your focus should take account of the following elements: a) The two supermarket brands will retain their individual Asda and Sainsburys branding; b) The aim is to leverage the buying power of the two supermarket brands in their supply chains; c) Customers will need to be convinced that, in particular, the Sainsburys shopping experience will not be affected; d) The competition regulator in the U.K., the Competition and Markets Authority, has already launched a formal investigation into the proposed merger. Research and describe the context of change, the pressures to change and how you believe the leaders need to implement change in the new combined Company. (800 words) Describe in detail what specific actions you will be recommending to ensure the successful completion of the project. Here you might discuss the models, tools and techniques taught on the Leading Change Module that you believe the Company will find useful in order to effectively drive the change approach you are recommending. (1350 words) Discuss how you recommend the Companys leaders and managers should involve their people and other stakeholders in the change programme. Include a discussion of any resistance they may encounter and how you propose they respond to it. (1350 words) Explain the actual/potential benefits of the change to the organisation. How will you measure that the improvements have had the desired impact, across a wide spectrum of Key Performance Indicators? (400 words)

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