If we consider the legacy of such an invention, and its effect upon the world today, then what does the legacy of Colt s invention and its history during the Civil War era say with regards to American capitalism and democracy, and what conclusion should you draw from his inventions social impact upon the political evolution in Americans today?

Analysis: To provide a clearer understanding of American History and to promote discourse of course material through the writing process. The essay research question is such a question that is be related to American History in the present era we are covering for the course. No essay research question written shall be submitted and accepted, which does not fall in the specific era we are covering. Submission of an essay question that does not fall within the specific era we are covering, or does not address the research question, will result in a zero for the assignment. This is a topographical essay. Length of Paper: The paper shall be from 2 to 3 pages in length and double spaced and/or 950 – 1050 words. You are not allowed by any means to use your text book as a reference source in doing your paper. You must have at least (2) sources, and each source format must be from a book source, and if internet sources are used, then you must use peer reviewed sources. Format of Paper: American Psychological Association (APA) for paper. Statement to be Considered:
The fight against slavery and for slavery is contrasted against the contribution of Samuel Colts development of an industry that contributed to the notion of American exceptionalism.

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