identify the author’s position on the issue and critique the reasons and evidence given to defend his or her point of view.

You will break down the article into its claim, reasons, and evidence, and evaluate the quality of all of those elements. You will also comment on how well organized the argument is and how the author’s present themselves to the audience. Remember your primary job is not to agree or disagree with the article but to evaluate their argument and comment on the quality or lack of quality you see in how they present their Claim, Reasons and Evidence. You will need to briefly explain the topic you are writing about, as the reader may not be familiar with campus preachers. You will need to identify the author and the article title of the article you are evaluating. You can also look at their tone and how the author comes off to the audience. Do they seem fair and objective on the issue? Do they seem biased and unreasonable? Are they rude and offensive or calm and detailed in their presentation? You want to praise the author when they do well and be critical when they have problems in their reasoning, quality of arguments or evidence, etc.
Your conclusion will wrap up and explain your overall position on the article’s quality and review your general view of how well or how poorly they made their case. This is a critique of the article not a review remember that.

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