Identify how icon and closure are represented in tht medium. Consider that both ideas are abstract concepts and can take on many forms.

:The focus of this essay is rhetorical analysis. You have been exposed to several methods of rhetorical techniques unique to comics. Or are they? You are now asked with investigating a different medium and analyzing whether/how those rhetorical elements are present in that other medium. You goal is to identify how icon and closure are utilized in that medium as well as to investigate a different rhetorical technique present in that medium. This project will take the form of a formal, analytical essay. Basic essay construction is required (intro, body, conclusion) as well as proper citation of the sources you utilize. Directions:1. Select a medium. You might select from traditional media such as written fiction, television commercials or music. Alternatively, you are free to investigate newer media such as memes, snapchat, remixes, etc. 3. Identify a THIRD rhetorical technique used by the medium that is NOT icon or closure, and investigate how that medium uses that technique and what is accomplishes by doing so. 4. In the form of a formal, analytical essay, explain how both icon and closure manifest in this medium. Also explain your THIRD technique. To better explain them to your audience, you should cite at least three examples of each technique, making sure to explain how they function within the rhetorical situation. 5. If applicable in your analysis, compare the rhetorical methods to rhetorical methods present in Understanding Comics and identify similarities and or difference in how they function. 6. In your essay, evaluate also what there is to be gained through this analysis. Why might is be important to investigate how this medium functions and to whom? Book to reference:

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