Identify at least three members of the MDT from the case (either those specifically mentioned or those clearly involved based on the article) and note their contribution to the case.

1. Select an example of child abuse and/or neglect from a reliable media outlet (a news story detailing an instance of abuse). Select an article with enough information to conduct an analysis of the case and case response. 2.Prepare a brief written summary of the example along with your reaction to the story. Relate the article to information discussed within the course texts and resource material. 3.Based on what you have learned about Vieth’s would this case have been addressed differently 25 -50 years ago? Identify elements of the case response that demonstrate aspects Victor Vieth’s plan to end child abuse? The written summary and reaction should be 2 pages in length in a WORD document. Be sure to adhere to APA format (to include a cover page, proper formatting, in-text citations, and a reference page). Course material below videos can be found on youtube and google. I can email you the MTD Video Victor Vieth on Penn State and the end of child abuse (1:04:34) – We will talk more about Penn State and the Catholic church later in the course (so remember this video and we may revisit it), but Vieth uses talking points from the Penn State sex abuse scandal to discuss the broader challenges in the fight against child abuse. He will also describe some points on how we plan to end child abuse. Vieth’s plan is further laid out in the “Unto the Third Generation” paper below. MDT Overview Video – View this presentation with information helpful to understanding multidisciplinary teams (MDTs) Read the document: Unto the Third Generation: A Call to End Child Abuse in the United States within 120 Years – This is a long document, but you should read through it and see how you can fit into the plan to end child abuse. You might find that you are already a part of the plan just by participating in this course! Review the information on this website: Child Welfare Information Gateway – Visit this website and enter the term Multidisciplinary Team into the search engine. Remember to use APA format when citing this site as a resource.

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