Identify and discuss three concepts or arguments in Keynes General Theory that suggest an inherent vision of instability of a capitalist market economy. What are the implications for the scope of monetary and fiscal policies?

Write the essay in terms of political economy the assessment of your essay will depend, in part, on the strength of your discussion of economic reasoning within the approach(es) you select. DO not cross the word limit of 1000 words Use at least 3 references from the following Botwinick,1993) Capitalist Competition and Differential Profit Rates (Galbraith, 1994) the economics scene then: a digression (Peterson & Estenson, 1996) The Classical System (Keynes, 2018) The general theory of employment, interest, and money (Chick, 1983) The theory of output and employment Use google scholar for references It should be a academic writing

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