Identify an area of interest you would like to focus on this semester. In your post, briefly describe the nature and scope of the problem area of interest (3-4 sentences).

Next, propose a research question related to your area of interest. Important note: This will be the research topic you are focused on throughout the semester. Post Instructions Your response should be clear and concise. Research questions should not be too general. Please create your own thread within this forum and organize your post like this example: Area of interest: Homelessness Scope: Currently, over half a million people are homeless in America (Nat’l Alliance to End Homelessness, 2015). On any given night, over 100,000 people are homeless in Fairfield County, Connecticut (Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness, 2016). Individuals who are homeless are at risk of infectious disease, poor nutrition, mental health issues, violence and a range of other issues (Institute of Medicine, 2012). Research question: What intervention strategies reduce risks to homeless adults?

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