Identify an academic journal in one or two of the following areas: -Management (General) -Marketing -Strategic Management -Human Resource -Accounting -Hospitality and Tourism -Entrepreneurship Or any other subject area in management Select three articles from the journal or the two journals you have identified in the previous task. The first article should be using a quantitative approach to research.

This is an individual piece of work (Report). The second article should be using a qualitative approach to research. The third article should be a review of literature article. Write a summary of 750 words for each article. This will make a total of 2250 words. The summary of each article should include the following: – The aim, objective, question or the main thesis of each article. – The methodology used. – The main findings and recommendations of each article. – Additionally, you need to add your own comments; was the article clear or easy to understand and what you have learnt from it? Generic Assessment Criteria Foundation Degree. These should be interpreted according to the level at which I am working.

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