identify a problem to be addressed, identify the age or grade level of your group, choose an age appropriate story book with a plot to read, and choose an activity to accompany the book.

This activity should be something that uses the character’s story to help students cope with their own issue (more than read the story and draw a picture, please!). Additional information/requirements: Submit as a lesson plan (PDF or DOC files only). Use your own format for the lesson plan and attach any needed handouts. *You are submitting a single lesson plan for this assignment, not a unit plan. This lesson plan should be written with such detail that someone could print it off and implement it without consulting you. You may NOT use any type of self-help book. It must be a story that has a plot. No “ready made” or “found” lessons. This assignment is meant to demonstrate the ability to create a quality group lesson that employs bibliotherapy techniques. Include an APA formatted title and reference page

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