I want you to help me to write 2 different paper. and using the same materials, but just different topics for the 2 different papers

This time, I have to do 2 papers for the same class, but using the same materials. So please help me to do 2 different papers, and i will tell you what i need to for the first paper and what i need for the second paper. Each paper need to have 4 pages long for each of the essay. I will tell you one by one. For both of the papers that i need you to do is using the readings that i am gonna send you and read all through with your understanding and well analyzing with all the concepts that from the readings. my frist essay , i need you to read all the readings that i am going to send you and related to my video which is mean that you should say what each concept is and then tell the parts that which part of my video are using which concepts, please do like that and also describe what the concept are. What is the concept for , how it use it in the video, different part of the video relates to different concept and I will also post the video on the website, so you can check it out and figure out by yourself. After you watch the video , you will know how the concepts from the book relates to the video and talks about it and then use the video talks about how it relates to the society. Yeah i will explain more later. That is the general idea what i want you to write for first essay. Second one I have a group project which is in the same class and use the same materials to write as well. But the second one i don’t have much information right now, but the concept is going to be same, read all the readings that i will send you later and related to the project that i will do. and i will tell you what i did for my project as well, then you can see how all the concepts related to my project and see which parts of the concept relates to which part of my project. I will give you more information later as well. So that is 2 different papers. First one is use the concepts to relate to my video and second is use the concepts to relate to my project. Thanks.

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