I need you to find 8 Sources and article about traveling and write about it.

Informative essay with background — 4- pages 4- sources

This paper should be in 3rd person. The paper needs a creative opening and then CAN give background on topic. When did it become important? Who are some of the most controversial people behind the issue? What has been done about it in the past? Also you can have an even-handed discussion of the different positions on the issue. (You must look at each side objectively, without your opinion at all if you discuss different sides) You must give each side of the issue equal time or concern in your paper. Your conclusion might have a prediction of where this issue is headed in the future or what still needs to be known about the topic before a true conclusion can be drawn.

You must use 3 different types of source citing—Direct quoting, indirect quoting(a source other than the author) and paraphrasing(could be summary or a shorter passage)
Do not use any quotes longer than 4 lines long.

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