Human Resource Development

Major Project

Choose a topic in I/O psychology (examples are: motivation in the workplace, employee morale, employee absenteeism, hiring, tests, assessments) and write a research paper using at least 10 references. More information on the project will be discussed in class. You will be asked to send or email a progress report. On campus students will present their projects on 12/7/ 2011

The grading of papers will be as follows:
1. Accurate APA formatting, correct grammar, Proper length 3-5 full pages, punctuation, mechanics, diction, title Page & Reference page, and APA format and style. 10 points

2. Proper research summary of all the references (Summarize all the references.) 5 points
3. Core Content of the paper: Persuasive literature research that includes the following: Persuasiveness of the main arguments, effective incorporation of ideas from different sources. Effective transitions between subheadings. 15 points

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