Human Nature and War

International relations theorists who focus on the individual level of analysis find themselves at odds over two basic premises. One group (human nature theorists), believe that violence is innate to humans and therefore the state (which constitutes a specific geographic group of individuals) becomes a vehicle for which those violent impulses are channeled. The second group (cognitive theorists), see human violence as a learned behavior, not instinctual, and therefore something which could potentially be “unlearned” or “relearned.” In this essay, examine the data produced by both sides of this argument and explain who you think gives the more compelling explanation for violence and war.

Sample Outline?(But feel free to design your outline any way you wish)
I. Introduction / Thesis Statement – a brief statement outlining your position or something relevant about this issue.
II. Body – the bulk of the paper is here, in data taken from the readings and other evidence you have found in support of your position.
a. The following authors (found on website) support the human nature theory. Please make sure to include arguments from all of them (Pinker, Wilson, Stoessinger, Lorenz, Ghiglieri).
b. The following authors (found on website) support the cognitive or peace studies theory. Please make sure to include arguments from all of them (Post, Fry, Zinn, Grossman, Fahey, Floyd, Kahan).
c. Data taken from the film Soldiers of Conscience.
d. Any other authoritative research you find through your own investigations.
III. Conclusion – Based on the evidence you have gathered, the _______ theory presents a more logical and compelling explanation for the human conflicts which lead to war.
Extras:1. Type all work, using the American Psychological Association’s (APA) publication format. Make sure to include an in-text citation every time you use a statement or an idea from the readings that I have provided, or that you found in your own independent research. Papers without proper citation will be returned without a grade. Papers re-turned in will receive a late penalty.
2. “A” papers will be:?a. fully documented and cited

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You can use the information which dates from 29 August until 10 October. Thanks.

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