HST198 World History since 1500 First Essay Assignment Fall of 2016

The first essay assignment asks you to analyze the slave trade in Americas between the 16th and 18th century. It will test your ability of organizing and analyzing original materials.

Specific Requirements:

Before deciding what and how to write the paper, you must first consult chapter 24 of Bentley’s textbook and Part 1 of Riley’s source book,
from which you can find some of the related sources and perspectives. You should also find materials from the academic books available in our libraries. You might even find something from the Internet.

The paper must analyze the causes and the consequences of the slave trade, the differences of the slavery between the North America and the Latin America, and the reasons for the abolition of slavery.
The paper will let analyzed original materials represent your views, instead of your own narrative based on the materials and knowledge obtained from the Internet. Please try your best to maintain your academic integrity.
The paper must include references (footnotes or endnotes) properly.
The paper is supposed to be four to four pages in length, printed out by font 12 and in double space.

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