How to Increase a Healthy Diet

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How to Increase a Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is a priority of everyone. Healthy diet is achieved through feeding on food products that are nutritious and rich in specific diets.  Many people feed on different food diets and believe that they get a balanced diet or rather eat healthy. This might not be true as, healthy diet requires feeding on selective food products and in the recommended quantities. The subsequent discussed delve on ways of increasing a healthy diet.

A healthy diet can be increased by first examining or monitoring closely what one eats BBC-World Service (2009, para. 2). Monitoring will allow an individual to review the types or kinds of food that one eats and determine or evaluate whether they contribute to the healthy diet that is required or not. Monitoring will also help in evaluating whether the food accomplish the required level of nutrients and have been recommended. A healthy diet can also be improved by individuals avoiding switching off to western imported foods. These foods contain a lot of fats which increases health risks upon their consumption (BBC-World Service, 2009, para. 3).  Fats are not conducive for our health and therefore, their inclusion in our diet should not be recommended. However, fruits and vegetables should be consumed more as they are healthy to our bodies (BBC-World Service, 2009, para. 4).

In case you have an opportunity to buy or choose the foods you eat, it is advisable to be biased on foods such as potatoes, cereals, rice, vegetables, and fruits. Foods like potatoes contain fibers that help the body in producing energy while fruits and vegetable are rich in vitamins that help to build the immunity of our bodies hence contributing to healthy lives (BBC-World Service, 2009, para. 5).

Healthy diets can also be attained by varying the methods that food is cooked (, 2012, para. 5). It has been established through research that certain methods of cocking food destroys the level of nutrient while others are positive and preferred. To reduce the amount of fats in foods, boiling of vegetables and other foods should be preferred compared to frying. Introduction of fresh vegetables and fruit can also be introduced in the diet to improve it.

Advice from specialist and nutritionists is also a leeway or a platform to attaining a healthy diet (BBC-World Service, 2009, para. 5). These specialists posses knowledge on the best diets that individuals are required to feed on in various circumstances. It is important to note that diets vary from circumstances to another and therefore, by seeking the service of these people, correct guidance will be provided. For instance, a diet that is recommended for a person suffering from heart attack is different from a person suffering from blood pressure, leukemia or any other disease.  For instance, a person suffering from heart attacks should minimize on fatty foods and foods that have high percentage of cholesterol (, 2012, para. 9). The advice from experts will also help in minimizing the amount of chemicals or toxics that are eaten from vegetables and other products.

Healthy diet can also be increased by individuals acknowledging the fact that vegetables and fruits are important in achieving good health. Therefore, to ensure that supply of the fruits and vegetable is in good supply, individual have no obligation but to intensify on the growing of new fruits and vegetables. Such initiatives will allow more production of fruits hence promoting positive health in the society.

Salt is also another area of concern that people need to take precautionary measures. Many people use salt with low or lack of iodine which threatens their health. Foods that have a lot of salt without enough iodine posses a health threat to its users. Furthermore, eating food with raw salt presents a negative impact to the users. To quell these unnecessary hazards, people should always eat cooked salt and salt that is reach in iodine to avoid deficiencies. This will assist in promoting healthy living among people in society.

A healthy diet is also increased by avoiding foods that are rich in oil and animal fats. If relinquishing this kind of food is not possible; it is recommended that users reduce on their intake. For instance, fats or oil should not be used in cooking of vegetable but excluded in the diet.

Women still in the category of bearing children should endeavor to avoid contracting anemia that usually increases the risks in terms of complications before and after birth. This is therefore, an issue that oscillates on the nutrition and diet that is appropriate.  Women in this status are advised to feed on iron alongside with foods that are rich in vitamin C. The iron inhibitors should also be monitored closely (Brackenbury, 2000, p.2). They should not be adapted as they pose healthy risk to its clients. Example of such food includes tea.  According to Hesson (2006), achieving a healthy body composition consists of reducing the amount of body mass (p.13). This body mass can be reduced through exercise but important thing to do is to check on the kind of diet that is feed. However, those that want to gain their weights of muscle should eat balanced diets foods with high quality foods such as food with high amounts of calories of around 500 to 1000 calories in a day (BBC-World Service, 2009, para. 7). Such diets should be eaten in small quantities but often.

According to Lo, Chang, Lee, & Wahlqvist (2009), economic status has to great heights hindered many people from choosing or feeding on the right diets. Prices of essential or health foods are skyrocketing making it difficult for people to access proper diet (Lo, Chang, Lee, & Wahlqvist, 2009, p. 2). This is a drawback. However, people go for affordable food products that contain similar nutrients to help improve their healthy diets.

According to the National Institute of Health (NIH) (2011), there are a number of tips for healthy eating and diet.  The diet that people are given should met their needs. Different age groups have different diet needs. For example, a child or an infant requires different diet or nutrition from that of a teenager of an elderly person. Likewise, the diet of nutrition on a pregnant woman is different from those of an elderly woman. Nevertheless, regardless of these differences, in general, a healthy diet is increased by people feeding on calcium rich foods. Examples of calcium rich foods include low-fat/fat-free milk, dairy products like cheese and yoghurt. Others include, leafy vegetables, beans, dark green among others (National Institute of Health (NIH) 2011, para. 4).  Variety of fruits and vegetable should also be eaten more often among many other foods that are healthy to our body.

Therefore, it is apparent that good diet is important to our health. Many people are not aware of how to select proper foods that are rich in nutrients appropriate for their good health. Even though, factors such as education/ lack of awareness and economic factors deter many from a healthy diet, it is important that people try as much as they can to improve their health by feeding on healthy diet. Poor diet causes disease such as heart failures leading to death. People should seek relevant information or education from specialized health personnel to be advised on proper food diets. Healthy diet can be improved by avoiding fatty foods, foods that have high calories and by consuming more fruits and vegetables.




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