How to Become a Successful Student



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How to Become a Successful Student

            In order to reach the accomplishment of being a successful student, one must be ready to face all the challenges and obstacles presented in the way toward this success. Therefore, dedication and commitment are paramount in this case. Becoming a successful student can be compared to a journey of many steps, which does not occur at once. One must sacrifice and be disciplined in order to undertake all the steps required to reach this accomplishment. Nonetheless, becoming a successful student is a process, which involves different steps, and these are mainly based on the development of virtues, personal principles, standards, and values, which are considered to conform to success.

First, planning is the most important step in becoming a successful student. One must have the workplan of their success, which includes the various strategies and habit changes that one will adopt in order to move toward success. A student must also adopt the habit of planning in their everyday life. This helps one to develop realistic, achievable, and measurable goals in their academics. Unrealistic goals end in frustration. Therefore, planning for realistic goals is the best way to move toward success. After all, success is a gradual process, thus one might take a step at a time, and with patience, will reach the goal. During planning, one must be sure that this helps them in time management, since this is one of the goals of planning. With regard to time management one must be organized and work within the required period. They ought to submit assignments in time, while planning their study time well.

Secondly, in order to be a successful student, one must maintain a positive attitude. A positive attitude will help one to be determined and not to give up. For instance, if one performs below their expectations in an examination, a positive attitude should help them to consider failure as an experience, which they can learn from in future. Therefore, failure should not lead to desperation and despair. If one does not have a positive attitude, they cannot become successful students, since the road to this kind of success is not that smooth, but needs a positive attitude to counter obstacles and elements of failure.

In addition, internal motivation is critical for one to be a successful student. Internal motivation serves as the drive, which propels one toward success. One should find delight in working hard and sacrificing. The fruits of success in future should be their motivating factor. A student should thus, be self-motivate do develop goals and rules, which will guide them. A student must also adhere to the rules they have set for themselves. For instance, one might dedicate a couple of hours during the weekend, for personal study. A student should also hang with peers, who are equally motivated. This helps one not to lose focus of their goals in academics.

Furthermore, for one to become a successful student, they must portray a high level of self-discipline and responsibility. This helps one to meet their goals and to adhere to their personal standards and principles. Responsibility means that a student will schedule their personal routine. For instance, one might have extra reading hours and read ahead of the teacher. One should also be responsible with the regard to their surrounding environment. One should not participate in making unproductive noise in class and bullying others, as well as all other actions, which portray irresponsibility. Self-discipline implies that one is self-driven and does not have to be pushed around to perform their responsibilities. For instance, a student desiring to be successful should not be forced to read, or attend classes. They should know what is expected of them, and perform it.

Finally, seeking guidance from an older, successful person is important for mentorship purposes. A student should develop a close relationship with one of the teachers, relatives, or any other successful person, whom the student admires, and is comfortable around. This is important, as mentorship will encourage the student to reach for success, and make it, just like their mentor, who sets to them an example.

In conclusion, in order to be a successful student, one must undergo various steps. First is planning, second is maintaining a positive attitude, third is self-motivation, then self-discipline and a sense of responsibility, and finally mentorship. This is not a standard process of being a successful student, neither should these steps be followed systematically as presented. One might use other virtues, apart from those mentioned here, depending on their context. The most important factor however, is the desire to succeed. If one has that desire, they will follow these steps. However, when desire to succeed lacks a student will not adhere to these steps with the needed zeal. Nonetheless, the road to success is bumpy, however, with the right attitude one can make it.



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