How the RBRVS payment mechanism works and what it hoped to accomplish.

Congress initiated the RBRVS payment procedure for physicians in 1989, which drastically changed the landscape of physician reimbursement. As expected, Congress passed a general law with few specifics, leaving the details to an Executive Branch agency. This assignment will require tracking the rulemaking for RBRVS and help you gain experience in using resources when you need to stay abreast of what is happening on the policy front as a health care administrator. Part 1: Complete the following. You may submit your answers in a bulleted format, as opposed to a paper/paragraph format.Bill number and name, date of passage, and how it is related to other policy (e.g., is it an amendment to something else, etc.)
The problem Congress was trying to solve.
Why Congress believed this issue was a problem.

Part 2: Answer the following questions. You may submit your answers in a bulleted format, as opposed to a paper/paragraph format.What agency was/is responsible for RBRVS?
What does RUC stand for?
Who makes up RUC membership; how are they selected, and what is their significance to RBRVS policy?
What is the difference between annual and five-year reviews? What is their significance?
You may need to consult various federal agency and other websites and publications to find the history of this bill. The following articles by respected economist Uwe Reinhardt will get you started. Reinhardt, U.E. (2010, December 3) How Medicare pays physicians. Retrieved from, U.E. (2010, December 10). The little-known decision-makers for Medicare physiciansfees. Retrieved from
Part 3: Visit the Joint letter urging MedPAC to recommend a full inflation update for 2010:
Complete the following.You short submit your answers in paragraph format.Summarize the letter (be sure to include the major talking points). A short summary of this content is sufficient.
Explain why the letter was written to MedPAC.(There is another Appendix in your text that describes the role of MedPAC and it is mentioned in your chapter for this week). What is MedPACs influence on policy/rulemaking?
To what aspect of Longests phases does this letter refer?

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