How significant is this health condition?

Personal Health Interest Reflection
Health education and promotion typically come from professionals, such as health education specialists, who are passionate about what they do and the potential impact they could make on someones life. During this course, you will be asked to select a health topic and plan a program for it. But before you begin this journey, you need to describe what you are passionate about.Your Assessment and Measurements assignment will be a compilation of assignments that form one paper from each chapter. This will help you as you prepare for your final project. Part IChapter 1
One-page Summary
Write a one page summary regarding health topics you find interesting, and why. Further, briefly explain what you hope to achieve in this course and how it might help you in the future. This reflection paper will be the only paper that you will write in first person and for which source notes are optional and not required.Part IIChapter 2
Annotated Bibliography
For this part of the assignment you will narrow down your choices of health topics in part one to a single selection. The health topic you choose is the one you will use for the rest of the semester as you build toward your final assignment of building a health promotional program through the compilation of your smaller assignments. Using the Internet, find sources and review the current literature on your selected health topic. Find 12 sources that are relevant to your topicthe majority (10 sources) should be from scholarly peer-reviewed journals.
Some guiding questions to help your Internet search include:

(2) What causes this condition?
(3) What is this health condition linked to (genetic, behavior, or environment)?
(4) Who is more affected by this health issue?
(5) What is currently being done to address this condition nationally, statewide, and locally?
(6) What health education programs are being done with the health condition topic?
(7) In what innovative ways are researchers addressing your health issues?The annotated bibliography should be prepared using APA (American Psychological Association) format (6th ed.) and include a brief summary paragraph about each source below its entry, as shown in the examples below.Examples of Annotated Bibliography EntriesExample 1
Adams, T., Moore, M., & Dye, J. (2007). The relationship between physical activity and mental health in a national sample of college females. Women & Health, 45(1), 69-85. Retrieved from EBSCOhost.This study analyzed the effects of physical activity on the mental health of college females. Twenty-two thousand
seventy-three females participated where depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, and perceived health were the
defendant variables and two bouts of weekly exercise were the independent variables. Exercise was shown to
endorse a positive perceived health and alleviate feelings of depression. This article is important because depression
and self-esteem in college-aged females is a prevalent issue and needs more attention. This population is
sometimes forgotten about and the mental health of these students is very important.Example 2
Justine, M., & Hamid, T. (2010). A multicomponent exercise program for institutionalized older adults: effects on depression and quality of life. Journal of Gerontological Nursing, 36(10), 32-41. doi: 10.3928/00989134- 20100330-09This study is different because it used exercise as a treatment for depression in institutionalized older adults.
The study took place in a shelter home in Malaysia where 23 volunteers over the age of 60 performed 60
Minutes of exercise three times a week for 12 weeks. The control was 20 sedentary older adults. At the end of
12 weeks, the physically active older adults reported an improvement in quality of life. This study is also
important to include because it examines the relationship between exercise and depression in a country other
than the United States.Part IIIChapter 3
Literature Review
Develop a 3-5 page literature review on your health topic. You SHOULD create an annotated bibliography BEFORE beginning the literature review process. The literature review serves as a rationale for your health promotion program project. The purpose of the literature review is to convey the greater health concern link raised by your project and include national data when possible. For example, if you want to implement a physical activity program for children, you could link it to obesity, while also emphasizing childhood obesity rates. In addition, please highlight what, if any, programming has been done in the past. You should also mention if there is little or no research on your topic area. For example, there is little research on the physical activity of premature infants, which makes this a unique intervention model. In this case, you would need to establish the rationale in order to highlight the research that shows premature infants are more likely to become obese. You need the reader to understand why your topic is important and that your approach will work. The literature review should conclude with a concise statement of purpose. Make sure the majority of your statements are supported by research; this shows the audience that you have thoroughly investigated the problem and potential solutions and are basing this on research and not your opinions or feelings.
Minimum requirement to submit: 3-5 pages of APA-format.Part IV-Chapter 4
Creating a Needs Assessment Outline
In this assignment, create a needs assessment outline that describes and documents the health status issue that your project will address and the target population it will serve. The purpose of the needs assessment is to help reviewers understand the community and/or organization (i.e., the population) that will be served by your proposed project.The needs assessment document should describe the need for the project in the proposed locale and include baseline data on the prevalence and demographic characteristics of the targeted population as well as supporting racial/ethnic data. The document should provide a description of the prevalence of health indicators (e.g., overweight, obesity) in the proposed geographic area. It should describe the current availability of preventive health services that address the health issue in the targeted group. In addition, discuss any relevant barriers in the service area that your project hopes to overcome. You should also describe gaps in the current provision of services as well as gaps in knowledge and the capacity of health care providers and key public/private community agencies to adequately screen, routinely assess, effectively intervene, and/or coordinate their efforts within a comprehensive network of preventive health services.Here is a suggested structure for your needs assessment outline. It should be between 3-5 pages in length.
I. Health Status
a. Introduce the health issue
b. How does the health issue affect the target population?
II. Community
a. Describe the setting, which might include national, state, local, or campus
information depending on the program scope
III. Needs Assessment
a. Qualitative assessment
b. Quantitative assessment
IV. Community Link
a. What is currently being offered to the specific population?
b. Will the proposed program be complementary, competing, or new to the area?Part VChapter 5
Measurement, Measures, Instrument, and Sampling Chart
Based on your proposed project, create a 2-by-4 measurement chart that includes sampling, measurements, and the instruments that might be used. Clearly describe each of these components and include references for existing instruments. Use the create table feature in Microsoft Word to create the measurement chart using an 11 or 12 pt. font for the text. This chart should not to exceed one page in length, with one-inch margins on all four sides. In accordance with the other parts of your assignment, this piece should also follow APA (6th ed. guidelines).

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