How should the organization ideally work? What is the formal structure of the organization? (Matrix, functional, divisional, etc.)

For this week’s discussion post, I would like you to work in your team to research your company and answer the following questions. You can submit via discussion board a conversation about what information you individually find with the final output for your team at a minimum an outline that
*Describe the formal structure of the organization you chose for Project #2
Find and review the organizational chart- (diagram of positions and reporting relationships within an organization)

-What can you learn from the formal organizational chart? (see slides for examples)
-Who are the key members of the executive team with basic personal background on each
*What informal entities exist?
-Informal Structure: Unofficial, but important working relationships between members
-Work related- “Grape Vine” how information flows not relative to the reporting structure, Sharing of knowledge-“Best Practices”

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