How might this organization define quality that would be different from other organizations? Why?

Select an organization of your choosing (bank, school, restaurant, medical facility, manufacturing facility, etc.). Read all of the following exercise components prior to your final selection of the type of organization.

B. What are the differences and similarities between this organizations definition and those of The American Society for Quality and ISO 9000?
2. Provide examples of the following in this organization:
A. quality control
B. quality assurance
C. quality improvement
3. Provide examples of internal and external customers and suppliers in this organization.
4. Describe the type of information that could be obtained from both a Design and a Process FMEA. Be specific: i.e. the type of failure and its effects, etc.
5. Propose answers that a QFD would provide for this organization (see page 2 of the text for the 7 questions).
6. Describe Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) activities the above organization may engage in.
7. Provide specific examples of the major benefits that the above organization may experience as a result of quality by design.
8. How might the above organization be exposed to product liability from faulty product or service design or faulty workmanship?
You may want to complete the exercise as a Word document, off line, and attach it when completed. Note that you may view others completed exercises. This will permit you to compare your exercise with others. The purpose is to determine where you can make improvements. However, you should not simply copy their exercise. This would be cheating and subject to the policy described in the syllabus. The exercise and the related course project pertain to your selected organization and the application of course contents to that organization.

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