How have lone-wolf terrorists begun to integrate technology such as drone usage into their plans to orchestrate attacks in the United States?

Unit IV Article Review
In this unit, you have learned about the different types of unmanned aerial vehicles that exist in the public and private sectors. You have also learned about the use of drone technology used by first responders to prepare for, respond to, and recover from an incident. What is the feasibility that the same technology will be used in a terrorist or lone-wolf attack in the United States?
For this assignment, you will read and review an article that attempts to answer that very question. Click the link provided to access the article, and read pages 2-17 of the PDF.
Hughes, M., & Hess, J. (2016). An assessment of lone wolves using explosive-laden consumer drones in the United States. Global Security and Intelligence Studies, 2(1), 62-80. Retrieved from content_id=41237096
After reading the article, write a review that addresses, at a minimum, the following areas:
Give a brief overview of the article and the studys purpose.Explain lone-wolf terrorism in the United States today. Discuss why the use of drones by terrorist groups or lone-wolf terrorists is expected to increase in the future.Discuss the defense mechanisms that can be used to prevent an attack by unmanned aerial vehicles.After reviewing this article, do you believe that drones could be used to attack first responders at the scene of a minor or major incident response? What are the motives?The authors conclude with several suggestions for future research in this area. Which area do you feel is most critical and should be prioritized? Explain your opinion.Conclude your review with your overall thoughts and viewpoints on the article. Do you agree or disagree with the authors points? How do you feel the information presented relates to the concepts you learned in this unit and the future of homeland security?

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