how globalisation and regional economic integration affects the business

The topic of the business report is how globalisation and regional economic integration affects the business or the organisation (MUBADALA ) # the company that you need to apply the analysis on Mubadala Investment Company, you can read more about the company in the following website The business report should be 6-10 pages in length (excluding title and contents page), its format should be as follows: Title page – course title, student name, cohort number, students employer/name of organization Contents page, with page numbers Introduction (1 page) explaining the particular aspects of regional or international economic integration which affects the business or industry you work in. Background (2 pages) – an overview describing the business or institution where you work. Analysis (4 pages) Explain in detail using a SWOT analysis how aspects of economic integration affect the business you work in. Begin with a summary SWOT table bulleting your main SWOT points. Follow this with at least two sentences of explanation of each SWOT point you have made. Concluding summary (1 page) main concluding points and prospects for your business in light of your findings. References (1 page). Other stylistic points: Make sure you use clear subheadings Make sure paragraphs are spaced and it is easy to read. Font size should be no bigger than12 points You must reference where you have taken information from another source. Citations and References should be made in Chicago style with the full references being provided at the end or as footnotes/ endnotes and full reference provided in footnote(see the following pages for more information on this).

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