How does victim precipitation apply to the selected theories, and under what circumstances may a victim contribute to his or her own victimization?

Complete Paper #1 – Theories of Victimization Part I: Select a minimum of two victimization theories, using the textbook, Lesson page, and other academic sources. Compare and contrast the selected theories, and assess the legitimacy of each theory. Analyze the element of victim precipitation based on the selected theories.Paper Requirements:Answer both parts. You may not pick one or the other.
Length: 35 pages. The minimum is three full pages of text (excluding cover pages, abstracts, and bibliographies). Be sure to meet the minimum page requirement.
References: Minimum of 2 outside academic references, not including the textbook. Any source copied word-for-word is a quote. All quotes must appear within quotation marks. Refer to the Syllabus for more on quoting and paraphrasing content.
Format: Standard APA format (see the Files section of the Course Menu for sample APA essay and reference format). Use 12-point “Times New Roman” font, double-spaced, 1 margins all-around, and no additional spacing between paragraphs.
In-text references should be limited to the following format: (Authors name, Year of publication, page number).

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