How does the competitive and macro/micro-environment affect the company? Is Lebanon a good market for beer?

This assignment is based on the following Harvard case study: 961 Beer – Launching a Lebanese Brewing Company The main questions of the case are: Is it a good business opportunity? What can 961 Beer do (i.e. what kind of strategy is needed) to expand the business further to remain competitive without compromising quality as well as the firm values? For this assignment you will have to identify and analyse macro and micro environmental forces that affect the company in the case study. Specifically, you will have to do the following: Identify the competitive context in which the company operates. Evaluate the political, economic, social, and technological factors that have an impact on the company. You should apply marketing frameworks discussed in this class for your analysis (e.g. PEST, Porter’s 5-Forces, SWOT). Based on your analysis you then have to discuss how the company can react to changes in the marketing environment and make recommendations to the future direction of the company.

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