How does Chief Joseph portray the relationship between his community and white settlers?

Chief Joseph Speaks: 2. Post. Write ~200 words, and use specific examples from the document. Your response should focus on what you read in the link, Chief Joseph’s speeches. As you read, think: Who do you think he is speaking to, and why? How do you think his audience affects what he says? What does he want? Do you find his ideas and claims persuasive?If your last name begins G-P, answer: Who? To Whom? Why?
What do you know or can you guess about the authors of the document? What evidence do you have for this from the document itself? How does textbook/modules content help you understand?
Who is their audience? What can we tell about that person, besides their name, from the document? Does textbook info help? How?
Why are they writing, or in this assignment, speaking? What is the purpose of the letter? What specific examples in the document help you understand

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