How do you identify yourself? With your heritage? With your beliefs? Your job and your family? Do you have different sides?

Post a description in English, then post two sentences in Spanish that describe the two different YOUs. Answer the question Cmo eres en cada imgen de tu retrato? (What are you like in each image of your painting?) Pay attention to the fact that you are using SER, not ESTAR, so this is not asking HOW ARE YOU or WHAT ARE YOU DOING, rather WHAT ARE YOU LIKE.Please comment on two student’s descriptions in at least 100 words, making two statements and asking two questions.ORIn your responses, make two statements and ask two questions in Spanish (no 100 word minimum). Your grammar and spelling count, so be sure to use Spanish that is within your grammar and vocabulary capabilities and avoid making statements that require that you rely on a dictionary. Remember–translators are not accurate or reliable for anything more than words and (some) brief statements.

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