How do peoples nutrition needs differ? Compare your nutrition needs with someone who is of the opposite gender, has a different activity level, and is a different a

Select either Set A or Set B below and respond to all of the questions in the set you choose. CH 1 and 2 Set A Questions ge. 2. What are lifestyle choices that you can make now to prevent heart disease and promote lifelong health? Set B Questions 1. Do you include at least three food groups in all your meals? What is a quick and easy meal you can prepare for breakfast to include at least three food groups? What about four food groups? 2. Why should you bother to eat healthfully? At what age should you start paying attention to eating well? 1. Look at your online log, review the recommended amounts for food groups in your book or at, or use the caloric calculator and note the recommended amount of calories, macronutrients (carbs/protein/fats) and cups per food group. (caloric calculator) 2. Create a menu plan for 1 day that would meet (and not exceed) the recommendations of calories, macronutrients, and food groups. Save the meal plan. It should show the exact meals/snacks/liquids you will try to consume. (Show cups, serving sizes, etc.) 3. Pick a day and try to follow your meal plan and track all the foods and liquids consumed that day. 4. Write a minimum of 2 paragraphs analyzing your foods eaten and comparing your meal plan with the log of food actually eaten. What did you do well with? What did you struggle with? Did you meet/exceed/go under your recommendations? Why? How can this assignment help you with deciding what to eat in the future? What will you take away from this assignment? 5. What you should turn in: 1. Your meal plan for the day with exact foods that you will eat and when (breakfast, snack, lunch, etc.) (5 points) 2. A log with the foods you actually ate (5 points) 3. Your reflection (5 points) Base on reading: Clark, N. 2008. Sports Nutrition Guidebook, 5th ed. Champagin, IL: Human Kinetics. ISBN-978-1-4504-5993-8

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