How can habit slowly make you better?

For our causal analysis essay, we will examine a problem. The essay identifies and explains important or interesting factors that cause the problem to occur and the effects results of these factors. The essay will also look at solutions that may help solve these problems. Your research question will look at a problem that is related to these topics found below. Your research question should not be too general. Your research question should be specific enough so that in 1500 2000 words you can fully answer the research question. Criteria
Starts with a HookStates the purpose or the research question.Ends with a thesis statement as the final sentence.The thesis statement follows the rules discussed in class.Body
Minimum 3 body paragraphs. Follows the organization structure taught in class. Each paragraph has a clear central main topic idea sentence. Rich, meaningful sentences help to explain and/or support the main topic sentence. Minimum 2 resources are used in each paragraph. Paraphrased APA citations convincingly show that the student understands the resources. Sentences are meaningful and clearly shows research. No quotes are used. Hint: about 4 total citations for each body paragraph may show that the student has done the research. All examples use references. Avoid using personal examples.Resources/References
Resources use APA citation styles. Minimum of 5 15 resources are used. Resources are from highly credible and reliable experts. Resources from Research Paper #1 may be used. However, it cannot be the main source of your research. Conclusion
Starts with a restatement of the thesis statement as discussed in class. Summarizes each main point of the thesis. Includes various Final Thoughts in the end:a) Gives questions that challenge the reader.
b) Gives recommendations.
c) Gives an example, story, or anecdote.
References List
Lists in alphabetical order all the resources that are used. Minimum of 5-15+ resources are listed in APA style with Internet links. Format
Double spaced text times new roman font is used Font size is 12 1 inch or 2.5 centimeter margins Students full name, nickname, and class information are at the top of the paper. The document is in Microsoft word. .doc or .pdf only. No .docx Submitted on Blackboard in the correct Assignment area. Mechanics and Style
Correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and capitalization. Use
Academic style, vocabulary, and grammar are used. Avoids using contractions (such as isnt, arent, dont, wasnt). Cohesion and connection between details and ideas. The writing flows or sentences are cohesively connected to each other so that the writer clearly communicates their idea to the reader. Email submissions will not be accepted. 10% reduction for every day that it is late. Total of 1500 2000 words total. (You may go over the word limit). Avoid using the words I, me, my. Use formal academic language.

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