How are the algorithms that Facebook uses more powerful and far-reaching than the algorithmic calculus of thought proposed by Gottfried Leibniz (1646-1716)?

Must be done in 5 hours!!! Here are some questions to get you started on this prompt. Please do not answer these questions as a list in your paper. Instead, use these questions to begin understanding the prompt above, and to begin formulating your own, independent, textually based response. Remember that your paper must quote Foers essay directly. What does it mean if we increasingly delegate our thinking to Facebook, and even Facebooks own engineers dont have a full understanding of its algorithmic code? Are algorithms purely objective or can they reflect the biases of their creators? If the latter, to what extent are users of companies like Facebook or Google aware of these biases? In what respect is it problematic if, as Foer asserts on p.73, Facebook makes its own decisions about what we should read (in our News Feeds)?Why does Foer express concern about Facebooks claim to have increased voter turnout? Arent higher voter turnouts a good thing in a democratic society?
3 pages long and citations included.

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