History of American civilization





History of American civilization

American civilization was because of the dissatisfaction the American population had with the rule by the British who were oppressive because of the extortive taxes the Americans paid. The British also prevented the Americans from conducting trade with any of the countries from Europe, which were advanced in maritime business such as Spain and France.

The civilization of the American continent began when the Americas were discovered by the voyagers from Spain, Britain and France. The Spanish took the southern America, which is why they speak Spanish whereas the French took Canada, which is why some regions in Canada speak French. When the first Americans arrived in North America from Britain, they spread into the interior of the continent, namely present Canada and United States.

The British took the continent from the Native Americans and declared northern America part of the British colony. Several factors attributed to the use of rebels to fight in the civil war. They dwelt on the large numbers of able-bodied fighters who did not have people to lead them in the fight, and thus they were enticed with material possessions. The colonies however struggled to shake themselves off from the British rule because they were burdened with taxes, which were used in Britain and not America this angered, the people and thus they opted to rebel. The Americans pushed for representation in the parliament but their efforts proved futile, as they demonstrated claiming ‘no taxes, without representation’ hence the call for unity among the oppressed colonies to fight the common enemy, the British regime.

Another factor, which contributed to the use of rebels to fight in the civil war, was the lack of unity among the different colonies. The colonies lacked a common front to fight their enemy thus they were manipulated and promised rewards from the British monarchy. The shift from the royal subjects to irate rebels was the need to win the war using the cheapest means of fighting In addition the irate rebels were familiar with the territory and could be easily manipulated with gold and other material possessions. Most of the rebels who helped the British were peasants or highway robbers who were attracted by the material wealth they were promised. The British were desperate to maintain the colonies and thus they sought to win the civil way in any way possible. The presence of rebels who were also part of the American population proved to be a very enticing alternative because they acted as spies for the British soldiers.

The American rebels were used to maintain the status quo such that the British could restrict trade of the Americans with any foreign countries. The trade with other countries would have enabled the states to pool adequate resources to fight the British monarchy. Furthermore, trade with foreign countries would have enabled the colonies to purchase weapons such as guns, which were highly regarded during that period because of their effectiveness in battle. In addition, some of the British monarchy representative wanted to take control of the whole regions and thus formed their own armies in efforts to sabotage the British efforts to control the whole of America. Moreover, the British had resources such as food, horses, guns and a tactical military. This enabled them to win over the hearts of the few Americans who wanted to defect due to their fear of the firepower that the British military possessed. In addition, the British had a sophisticated naval force that was highly regarded during that period

The efforts of the British failed because their efforts were greedy and oppressive in their quest to obtain rule over the colonies. In addition, the unity of the thirteen American colonies was great boost to their fight against oppression from the British regime. During the war, the British were not in plenty as the Americans and thus the numbers of the fighters enabled the Americans to rebel against the British rule.

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