1. I need the following question answered: Compare and contrast the Red Scare that followed WWI with the McCarthyism that followed WWII.

We can only use the following source:
• Alan Brinkley, American History, Connecting with the Past Volume II, 14th ed. 2012. McGraw-Hill ISBN:9780077379490

These are our instructions for paper guidelines:
Only use the readings from Brinkley and Graebner, adding outside sources will result in point reductions.

All essays must conform to the following stylistic requirements: typed, double-spaced, no more than one inch margins, standard font {i.e. Times New Roman, 12}, internal citation for all direct quotes and direct references or footnotes, pages numbered, longer quotes of two or more lines must be single-spaced and indented. Bibliography must be included.
Put your name, date, class period in the upper left hand corner. When citing within the paragraph, you must include the source and the page number.


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