Historically, poverty has been disproportionately concentrated in urban areas. This is a global pattern. But this pattern seems to be changing, at least in the U.S. According to U.S. Census data, the majority of people in poverty in the United States now live in Americas suburbs. What can explain this pattern change?

What structural factors are important to consider as part of your analysis? Do these factors apply to everyone in society or just certain groups? Draw on theories you learned this semester as well as information from academic/peer reviewed resources to develop an explanation for this emerging trend. For this assignment, you must cite your information sources (at least two scholarly sources) in addition to your usual text. Be sure to demonstrate an understanding of sociological imagination as you respond. Suggested resources: Contexts a journal of the American sociological society U.S. Census: American Community Survey U.S. Census: American fact finder The New York Times Pew Research The Brookings Institution

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