Henry Purcell

answer the pre-qiz and quizquestions

Listen and watch the Pre Quiz 2 link on the board then watch the following excerpt of Benjamin Britten’s “Young Persons Guide to the Orchestra” You will need to copy this url and paste it into your browser.

For the first section of the assignment name the specific instrument or instrument section that is featured. I have given you the approximate starting time of each section. As we progress in this class I will ask as we study a piece – What is the instrumentation or orchestration of a work? The orchestration is the different instruments the composer chooses to use in his work. Write your answers on a document and upload it by end of day Monday.

1. Opening
2. :25
3. :46
4. 1:05
5. 1:20
6. 1:36
7. 1:54
8. 2:26
9. 3:24
10. 4:09
11. 5:00
12. 5:36
13. 6:32
14. 7:46

15. Who is Henry Purcell and what did he have to do with this composition?

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