Health Workforce issues

Health workforce issues ? e.g. rural General Practitioner training; expanded scope of practice for paramedics in rural locations; working hours for junior doctors; nurse practitioners in emergency departments; inter-professional practice.
The purpose of this assignment is to develop your written and database searching skills.
You are to search for three (3) published journal articles* by three (3) different authors from three (3) different journals on one (1) of the listed topics. You will write a short summary of each of the articles.
*This does NOT include: newspaper articles, news reports or editorials or web pages.
structure :
50 ? 75
50 ? 75
Provide a brief overview of the topic and what you intend to discuss with the reader in the following 3 articles.
?Article 1
200 words Full reference here (Harvard or APA) as a heading.
Tell the reader the main concepts, purpose and outcomes of the article. What was the author intending to demonstrate with this article.
Identify methods
Briefly tell the reader what methods were used to collect the data (information) used in the article ? did these include descriptive (interview, focus group), or statistical (survey, questionnaire), how many people were involved, who were the participants (male, female, children, ages)?
Relationships with other health professionals
From the information found identify any (actual or potential) relationships with other health professionals.
Future practice reflection
Reflect on your future health professional practice.
What ideas and thoughts does the information provided in the article stimulate in relation to how you might practice as a health professional?
Be specific here about you and your future practice.
Article 2 200 words Reference
Description of the article
Identify methods
Relationship with other health professionals Future practice reflection.
Article 3 200 words
Identify methods
Relationship with other health professionals Future practice reflection.
Conclusion 50-75 words
Make a brief statement that connects the 3 articles to the intention provided in your introduction
Self Assessment 50 words
Reflect on how you felt in completing this task, what were the challenges, what do you need to improve before the next task and identify what support you need.
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