Health Care Reform After much public and political debate, in March 2010, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) was signed into law by President Barack Obama.

The PPACA is one of many health care reform efforts that have sought to correct key features of the U.S. health care system such as financing, service delivery, and care coordination. This week, you will examine the passage of PPACA as a milestone along the historical continuum of health care reform in the United States. To prepare: Review this weeks Learning Resources and media presentation, reflecting on the evolution of health care in the United States and the publics response to health care reform efforts historically and currently. Consider: What principal features of the U.S. health care system helped or hindered the enactment of federal health reform in March 2010? What challenges were encountered? How do these conditions and/or challenges reflect characteristics of the policy process and the political environment?

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