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Project Cubby House

Using Microsoft Project or Open Project to create a project plan with the following
– Gantt chart with expected duration of each task (in hours) and grouped in phases.
– Indentify the predecessor(s)to each task – Remember that tasks can run parallel
– Identify milestones
– Indentify the Critical path (CPM/PERT)
– Use all group member as costs per hour for labour
– Allocate material in each phase

Print out and submit a report that at minimum shows

– The expected duration of the project in a Gantt chart broken into phases and tasks,
– Costing of both material and staff load in hours .
– Identify milestones
– Indentify the Critical path (CPM/PERT)
– Identify risks involved and explain the steps involved in mitigating these.

Microsoft Project trail version can be used. If you want to use an open source software you can use Open Project that is available for download http://openproj.en.softonic.com/ This software is also installed in the library computers.

Use a Do It Yourself guide from Bunning’s or similar to create a Project plan for a building a Cubby house in a back yard.

Building a Cubby House

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