Gun Control

Assignment: You are to write a researched essay of at least 2,500 words analyzing a controversial issue (GUN CONTROL)and arguing your position on it. (AGAINST MOST REGULATIONS, I am pro 2nd Amendment rights)
1. The main text of the paper must be at least 2,500 words long. This excludes the Works Cited list, parenthetical citations, title, captions to illustrations, and any identifying information (your name, the course name, the date, etc.).
2. You must have a clear and easily identified thesis statement.
3. You must provide ample support for your thesis.
4. The paper must be organized and all the supporting evidence for your thesis must be relevant.
5. You must use correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation, and you must pay attention to diction and tone.
6. You are to follow MLA format throughout the paper.
Additional Information:
During the course of your research, you should collect at least twenty sources for possible use in your paper. Your final Works Cited list must contain at least ten sources—mostly culled from the above twenty or more— and include at least two books and at least three scholarly journals. The remaining sources can include more books and periodicals (popular or scholarly), as well as websites, pamphlets, documentaries, interviews, etc..
You should adopt a tone appropriate for an academic paper written for your peers. Assume a reasonably intelligent, well-educated, interested reader, although one not necessarily well-versed in your topic.
Use quotations judiciously and remember they should make up no more than twenty percent of your text.

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