Grumpy Old Men

Obtain a copy to view of: Grumpy Old Men
This movie can be found using Netflix or can be purchased at sites like Amazon.  You can also check with your local libraries that also may have a copy for viewing.
Write an 750 essay using APA formatting explaining:
Summarize what you learned in the move about adult development and aging
Explain the Theories of Aging and find at least two academic resources to back up your perspectives ourside of the text to help understand the second half of life from a development process.
Make sure that you have an introduction, body, citations, conclusion and reference page.  Use APA resources to help you.

Consider the following questions as you develop your essay:

Describe and discuss the following media images of the elderly in the movie Grumpy Old

1. Describe ways the movie attacks ageism—look for the following, for example:
o is the diversity of the elderly addressed?
o is the positive accentuated rather than the negative?
o is the aging about living or about suffering and dying?
o is the movie targeted for the elderly, minus 15 years?
o are the elderly characters put on a diet?
o sense of humor?
o are the elderly sexless?
o does the movie look at the future of the characters or does it focus on life coming
to a close?

2. Are there gender differences in the movie’s treatment of aging? That is to say, is aging
portrayed differently for the male characters than for the female characters? Explain.

3. What expectations would people having coming in to see this movie for the first time? Does
this movie fulfill those expectations? Explain.

4. How is the title of this movie important? What are the connotations? Is it ageist? Explain.

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