group Assignment 1

FOR YOUR CHOSEN SME ACTIVITY FORMAT WEIGHTING 1 Some basic demographic data: name; location; date started; size (e.g. number of business units); business sector; number of employees – full time and part time; number of owners; whether a family business. written gratis 2 Write a descriptive business history outlining the critical developments in their trading to date. written 20 3 Clearly show the reader their relative position in their marketplace. written 10 4 Produce a short brief containing secondary data on their market. written 10 5 Write up a profile of the SME in a similar style to that which until recently could have been found in the Saturday supplement of the Financial Times – illustrations to be used as appropriate. Examples are available on the Unilearn site under FT MYOB EXAMPLES button. written 10 6 Having developed a rapport with SME ………… a Consider the nature of how they plan written 10 b Select two areas of particular concern to them and critically discuss these written 10 c Consider the particular way in which they market their good or service – how is this constrained or facilitated by their being an SME? written 10 d Having done the above then compare the outcome to three marketing or strategy models with which you are familiar written 10 e Having stated what you believe entrepreneurial marketing is about – to what extent are these themes and issues realistic for your SME. This section must demonstrate that you are familiar with both the key textbooks for this module and appropriate journal articles. You must cite your sources clearly and accurately. That should go without saying – but it gives us a chance to follow up material that you will come across and that we have not. written 10 7 Demonstrate that you have discussed, compared and contrasted headline findings for your SME with two other groups. The most basic way would be an A4 sheet of bullet points added to your report to demonstrate that you have done this. But feel free to be more creative. written None – has to be done – you will benefit immeasurably – what more incentive do you need? Weightings are indicative but you must attempt all the tasks set out above. We will discuss and elaborate this brief in tutorial

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