Governing Global Business ESSAY

You are required to write an essay on one of the following:
1. As the world becomes more globalized some countries gained favourably through their integration, however, the world’s poor countries are at a competitive disadvantage in trade so free trade cannot possibly be in the interests of such nations. Discuss
2. Compare and contrast the economic changes that have occurred in any two of the BRIC countries in recent years and discuss how trade has contributed to these changes.
3. Businesses should make sure that ethical principles are adhered to and that ethical issues are routinely incorporated into business decision making. Discuss.
The assignment instructions below provide more details of what your submission should include.
Assignment Instructions
You must write the title of your essay in full at the beginning and the essay must begin with an introduction followed by the main body and then a conclusion.
Your work must contain references together with a reference/bibliography list at the end
You must follow the Harvard style for in-text referencing and for your end of list reference/bibliography
Your work should be word processed and it must be written in font size 12
A spell check must be done on your work before submission
Your work must be written in correct English grammar.
Your end of list references must be organised in alphabetical order
You are required to put references in the body of the essay
Your arguments must be coherent and accurate.
You must show a clear understanding of the main issues.
Pages should be numbered and your name should not appear on the script.
When preparing your work you could start with an essay plan and then write your essay in rough first
Then make amendments and use a spell and grammar facility to check your work before final submission.
Referencing Requirements:

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