Globalization and modernization refer to the influence that modern nations have on nondeveloped or traditional nations and societies. At times, these influences result from direct contact, such as the opening of a Western corporate office or manufacturing plant in an underdeveloped nation. Other times, the influences can be indirect, such as the transmission of Western cultural values to non-Western societies through mediums such as television, literature, and goods shipped to local areas. Globalization and modernization can have both positive and negative impacts on the cultural practices of non-Western societies, and deciphering the impact of these influences can involve a complex analysis.
A. Identify at least two separate examples of native non-Western cultures that have been impacted by globalization.
1. Describe in detail what the circumstances were within each of these cultures both prior to the transformative event and after it.

B. Analyze one of the examples from part A. Be sure to discuss the following questions:
1. What caused the influence? (For example, perhaps it resulted from the U.S. government making a conscious effort to improve the agricultural technology of a particular country.)
2. Was it direct or indirect, intentional or unintentional, and positive or negative? (Remember that the ramifications and outcomes of influences are rarely simple. They impact different aspects of culture differently.)
3. What was the native, non-Western society’s response to the influence?

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