Global Processes: Colonialism and ‘White Man’s Burden’

Part I
Watch the following video clips:
• The first 10.5 minutes of “Africa: States of independence – the scramble for Africa” (https://
• The excerpt from Uganda Rising, entitled “Colonialism in 10 minutes: The Scramble for
Africa” (
Please answer the following questions:
1. What was the “Scramble for Africa” and why did it happen?
2. How did European powers try to justify colonization?
3. Why and how did colonial governments manipulate and sharpen divisions in Uganda,
Rwanda, and Sudan?
4. What have been some of the long term impacts of colonialism for communities and nations
throughout Africa?
Part II
Watch the following video clips:
• “Kony 2012” by Invisible Children (
• “My Response to KONY2012” by Rosebell Kagumire (
Read the following article:
• “Kony 2012’s Success Shows there’s Big Money Attached to White Saviors” by Jamilah King

• Your entire response should be typed, have a length of approximately 800-1000 words (2-3
pages), and be double-spaced. You do not need a title page.
• This is an INDIVIDUAL assignment. You should not copy the work of other students; use your
OWN words to answer the questions.
• Please write in full sentences (not bulleted lists). Include a short introduction and conclusion.
• Be specific and explicit in your responses: someone with no prior knowledge of this topic should
be able to read what you’ve written and gain a reasonable understanding of the issues being
discussed. Do not assume I know what you mean when you use a key term. This means you
need to define key terms (eg. colonialism) in your reflection.
• In general, try to paraphrase rather than using multiple, lengthy, direct quotes. That said, if you do

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