Global Marketing about North Face Co

Global Marketing for North Face Company

This paper is about North Face Company that talks about only three kinds of product such as a mountain watch, wetsuit, and a yoga mat. For underneath No. 1) you need to talk about it in Saudi Arabia (KSA) from Demographic standpoint such as income, ages, gender, tradition and even religion, etc,,,, how to market this new product over there! No. 2) & 3) for identifying target MKT and assess these products, must be based on another country other than (KSA) and USA. You may choose India, Russia, Mexico, etc,,, But in this paper, two full pages without wasting spaces in the top for header, footer or name, subject, instructor, or date and so forth, double space, focus on the three points listed below from all aspects please. First one in (KSA), but second and third points are about another country other than KSA and USA. Also, don’t forget the last point mentioned underneath which is “reflection”.
Global Marketing: How would you introduce your new product into a new country? Please Note: If doing this project in a group, this must be done individually as a separate homework assignment first. The group can vote on which proposal is best to incorporate into your group project.
1) Identify the country you would like to market this new product in and describe the culture of a country of your choosing.
2) Identify the key aspects of the target market for the product in the new country (how much are they willing to pay, describe the people by segment that you would concentrate on, describe similar or competitive products already in that country).
3) Based on your findings of the above, assess how the product should be marketed in your new country.
Reflection: You may have known something about this company when the project started; so after this investigation identify three things you didn’t know about (maybe it is a product, market, legal or environmental issue it is dealing with, ethical perspective, how it financed growth, technical issues it is dealing with, etc.). In addition, I would like to have you report what you learned about marketing as a result of doing this project.
Resources as much as you want. it is up to you

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