GLO-BUS – Decision for Year 6

GLO-BUS – Decision for Year 6
Within the GLO-BUS simulation, you should complete the first-year decision, Year 6. Go to the GLO-BUS Web site and review the Year 5 information on your company’s operating results ( I have attached some of the year 5 information, please let me know if you need me to provide more information).
Write and submit a short paper (approximately 1–2 double-spaced pages) analyzing your previous and current decisions, and your anticipated results.
This paper is meant to be a rolling analysis assessment, which looks backward and forward in time. It is not expected you will have a full and complete picture of that particular week’s results, prior to writing the paper. The intention for this assignment is for you to indicate:
1. What strategy you will be implementing.
2. What your most recent decisions are, and why.
3. What your current view of the anticipated results is.
4. Optionally, where you are going in the future.

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